Laboratory for Stem Cell Transplantation and Immunotherapy

Our laboratory is focused on:

  • Manufacturing, quality control and development of stem cell products and immunotherapies

  • Evaluation of cellular immune status in patients after stem cell transplantation or in children with suspected immunodeficiency

    The laboratory is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008; accredited according to DIN EN ISO 15189 (Certificate) and accredited according to JACIE (Certificate).

      Manufacturing, quality control and improvement of stem cell products and immunotherapies

      In order to realize the transplantation from autologous, allogeneic especially haploidentical stem cell products we are performing several modern purification procedures using CliniMACS technology.

      • CD34-selection
      • CD3/CD19-depletion
      • TCRαβ/CD19-depletion
      • Bone marrow and unmanipulated leukapheresis products

        and cellular immunotherapies:

        • T-cell donor lymphocyte infusions (T-DLI)
        • Cytokine-induced killer cell infusions (CIK)


              Manufacturing of our cell products is performed under GMP-conditions in cooperation with the German Red Cross Donor Service Baden-Württemberg-Hessen according to the German Medicine Act (german drug law, AMG).

                Immunophenotyping after stem cell transplantation / immunodeficiency diagnostics

                Complex characterization of immune cells and their function is performed in patients peripheral blood after stem cell transplantation (immune reconstitution), in patients with recurrent infections and for diagnosis of primary and secondary immunodeficiency.

                  • Cellular immune status
                  (CD3+CD4+ Helper T-cells, CD3+CD8+ cytotoxic T-cells and their subgroups: activated, naïve, effector memory (TEM), central memory (TCM), effector memory RA+ (TEMRA), TCRαβ, TCRγδ, regulatory T-cells (Treg), CD4+CD8+ double-positive and CD4CD8 TCRαβ+ double-negative T-cells)
                  (naïve, switched, non-switched, memory B-cells)
                  (CD3CD56+ NK-cells and their subgroups: CD3CD56brightCD16 immunregulatory, CD3CD56dimCD16+ cytotoxic NK-cells)
                  (plasmacytoid and myeloid dendritic cells, monocytes)

                    • Functional tests
                      Granulocyte function test (oxidative burst)

                    • Cell typing in bronchioalveolar lavage fluid, liquor und ascites

                    • CD34 stem cell monitoring after G-CSF stimulation



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                        Lower row (from left): Rabia El Kalaäoui, Andrea Quaiser, Sabine Hünecke,
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